4 Aug 2019.

Change line 18 to: Click to expand. (config. status: creating libbitcoinconsensus.pc config.

5 Nov 2015.


requirements in the past libbitcoinconsensus! Alternate consensus implementations? Single Consensus-Maintaining Software Package, P2P.


23-Mar-2019 09:44 207787 libbitcoinconsensus-devel-0.16.3-7.3.1.x86_64. rpm 23-Mar-2019 10:27 15277 libbitcoinconsensus0-0.16.3-7.3.1.x86_64.rpm.

Matt Corallo-DevCore Draper University2015年10月9日.

如果需要验证脚本,可以使用libbitcoinconsensus。有校验功能: EXPORT_SYMBOL int bitcoinconsensus_verify_script(const unsigned char.

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93b606a Be even stricter in processing unrequested blocks#6571 100ac4e libbitcoinconsensus: avoid a crash in multi-threaded environments#6545 649f5d9.