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GitHub Projects Demo: Automation, Kanban, Scrum, Issues, Pull Request, Milestones, Issues, TasksPR #4802: put git hash into build string. PR #4803: Better compiler error messages for improperly used reduction variables. PR #4817: Typed list implement and.


when starting the Kolibri server to remove database locks that may not have been cleanly removed in case of an abrupt shut-down. (0.13.1 Github milestone) .

7 Apr 2014.

Milestones are groups of issues that correspond to a project, feature, or time period. People use them in many different ways in software.

Feel free to file an issue ticket with feedback, submit a pull request on GitHub, or both.

Building package [dist-git-0.13-1] Creating rpms for dist-git-git-0.efa5ab8 in.

If the %milestone or the %revision macros are set, the %ruby_archive macro, .

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"url": "https://api.github.com/repos/octocat/Hello-World/milestones/1",

Michael Gratton @mjog changed milestone to %0.13.1 1 year ago.

All, it would be pretty useful if someone could do a git bisect between the geary-0.12 and.

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