Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown Over ‘dreamers’ Program

Donald Trump’s government is largely streaming billions of dollars to the private sector, to be distributed by businesses,

19 Jan 2019.

Saturday marks the 29th day of the longest government shutdown in.

Trump proposes deal on immigration, Pelosi calls shutdown offer a.

A senior House Democratic aide told CBS News that Democrats do.

They also believe that the deal does not offer full protection to Dreamers and is a temporary fix.

19 Jan 2019.

New Jersey 'Dreamers' say they don't want to be used as pawns for border.

Trump has struggled to find a way out of a four-week partial government shutdown.

But Democrats, who control the House, are already saying they find the.

the Trump administration said it would shut down the DACA program.

Breaking tonight, it appears that a fixture during this hour for much of the coronavirus pandemic is on the way out. We.

Democrats threaten government shutdown if Dreamers are not protected5 Dec 2017.

“Time is running out to pass the #DreamAct before the end of the year,” Democratic.

a Kentucky Republican, said Sunday on ABC's This Week program .

“Some of our Democratic friends are threatening to shut down the.

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The financially imperiled post office, under attack by President Trump, has become a potent symbol for a Democratic Party.

The looming threat of a government shutdown means agencies are once again.

On Thursday night, House Republicans passed legislation to maintain current.

16 and avert a shutdown, but Democrats in the Senate have threatened to.

for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which among other things protects some.

State education leaders on Thursday said proposed budget cuts to education would threaten their ability to reopen safely next.

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The House is moving to pass a bipartisan measure to modify a new “paycheck protection” program for businesses that have.

20 Jan 2018.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi along with leadership and rank-and-file members lay out their demands for ending the government shutdown and voting.


Show Full Text Show Less Text. 00:02:42, John Yarmuth.


There appears to be agreement in Washington to give companies more time to utilize their coronavirus aid under the Paycheck.

17 Jan 2018.

House Democratic Caucus Chair Representative Joseph Crowley (NY) warned that with two days left before a potential government shutdown,