14 Apr 2016.

The CryptoKids, if you're not aware, was a mid-2000s attempt by the NSA to appeal to the youth of today by creating a crazy cartoon cadre of.

22 Aug 2017.

The CryptoKids (still) aren't alright. Three years after initial request, the NSA finally hands over records related to its youth outreach program.

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Crypto KidsCryptokids has games and activities section features math and logic, instructions for using household stuff to make cipher machines, cipher challenges, coloring.

1 okt 2015.

Met De Baas Op Internet (Cryptokids) willen Waag, Bits of Freedom en Netwerk Democratie kinderen bewust maken van de principes achter.

America's CryptoKids (National Security Agency). America's CryptoKids screen shot. At this site from the National Security Agency, you can learn all about codes .