A growing number of readers have asked me the status of the Volt framework.

It’s no secret that Volt Framework development has slowed in 2016. Although 2015 was dubbed by some as “The Year of Opal” (and in many ways, the year of Volt), 2016 seems much slower in comparison.

Last week, Ryan Stout...

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How Volt Does Reactive Data Binding

By Rick Date: December 4, 2015

Volt’s most critical feature is browser data binding. Data binding gives Volt the ability to react to data changes in realtime.

Typically, data binding is used to update the UI when data changes, but it doesn’t always need to be related to the UI. Let’s build a Ruby class that prints to standard...

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Recurring Background Jobs in Volt

By Rick Date: October 2, 2015

Let’s build a Bitcoin price monitor using Volt and Clockwork. This episode will teach you how to build background jobs that happen at regularly scheduled intervals.

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