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Rick Carlino

Rick Carlino has worked in tech for his entire career. From his early days in military telecommunication networks to his current work in web application development, he has a well rounded skill set resulting from past exposure to payment processing, telecommunications, and Linux system administration.

He has a strong interest in the open source community and contributes to open source software on an almost daily basis. He is also a contributor to opensource projects like Farmbot, Openfarm and the Volt Framework.

Rick has experience working with Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Linux and a slew of other modern web technologies.

Jason Goldberger

Like Rick, Jason began his early career in tech within the telecommunications field as a satellite operator. He later moved into the fields of genomic analysis and bioinformatics and ultimately found his interest in commercial web application development.

As a web application developer, Jason has experience with languages such as Python, Elixir, Javascript, and Ruby and has worked with tools such as AngularJS and the Flask framework. He has also worked extensively with PostgreSQL databases.


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